Moroccan Bath in Dubai

The greatest thing about having a Moroccan Bath is how relaxing it can be while your skin gets reinvigorated and cleansed. With various benefits of skin health improving and whitening your skin, nothing can be more pleasing than such an experience. At our Zanzibar Beauty Salon, having a Moroccan bath in Dubai starts with a double-scrub using a premium body and facial detox treatment that your body would thank you for. Each service is all about the comfort you need to be done by our professional team.

  • Inaya Ginger & Lime Sugar Scrub AED 250

    15min • Female only

  • Inaya Clove & Neroli Sugar Scrub AED 250

    15min • Female only

  • Arganoil & Figs Sugar&Salt Scrub AED 200

    15min • Female only

  • Classic Moroccan Bath AED 200

    45min • Female only
    Revitalise skin with a full body exfoliation using traditional Moroccan black soap.

  • Herbal Moroccan Bath AED 370

    1h • Female only
    Full body exfoliation with traditional black soap followed by a herbal masque made with a blend of special herbs and rosewater.

  • Bridal Moroccan Bath AED 700

    1h 30min • Female only
    Full body exfoliation with traditional Moroccan black soap, almond and rosewater masque, whitening masque, finished with a final layer of chamomile masque to soothe skin.

  • Royal Moroccan Bath AED 1000

    2h • Female only
    A complete body detox package with full body exfoliation with traditional Moroccan black soap, almond, rosewater masque, whitening masque, chamomile masque and finally a sugar and argan oil body scrub infused with figs to leave your skin fresh and smooth

  • Moroccan Bath x THALGO AED 800

    1h 15min • Female only
    Full body exfoliation, followed by a mineral-rich wrapped Thalgo body mask to detoxify skin 1 hr 15 min / AED 800

Our Moroccan bath in Dubai

We offer various Moroccan baths in Dubai for you to pick what you want and enjoy an extraordinary health journey. 

  • Classic Moroccan Bath

Nothing beats a classic bath with the usage of excellent products at Zanzibar Beauty Salon. This bath treatment helps revitalize your skin with an exfoliation using the highest quality black Moroccan soap. It’s the ultimate luxurious comfort for your body.

  • Herbal Moroccan Bath

Start your treatment with a full-body exfoliation with our traditional black soap, and complete your comfort with a herbal mask that’s made just for you! This Moroccan bath in Dubai type is all about blending natural herbs with rosewater for your body to value its health.

  • Bridal Moroccan Bath

Make your wedding preparations even better with our Bridal Moroccan Bath at Zanzibar Beauty Salon! We start performing this type with a full-body exfoliation using the best traditional black soap, almond and rosewater mask, and a whitening mask. The finishing step is also as refreshing as using the layer camomile mask to soothe your skin.

  • Royal Moroccan Bath

You’re a queen; appreciate your beauty and body wellness with us! Our royal Moroccan bath in Dubai includes treating your beauty with care for you to feel comfortable with a complete detox package of a full-body exfoliation. We use the best traditional Moroccan black soap and almond and rosewater mask, followed by a whitening and chamomile mask. Then, a sugar and argan oil body scrub with figs leaves your skin 

fresh and smooth. 

  • Bespoke Moroccan Bath

As one of the most recommended Moroccan Bath in Dubai types we offer, the Bespoke type starts with comforting your body and leaves it refreshed. This treatment depends on your skin’s unique needs to reveal the best results that you would admire.

  • Moroccan Bath x Thalgo

As Thalgo’s products are perfectly known for how remarkable they affect your skin and bring its health back at its best, we offer our Moroccan Bath with the usage of your favorite Thalgo treatments. It includes a full-body exfoliation, followed by a mineral-rich wrap with a Thalgo body mask to detoxify your skin.

We Care For Your Comfort

At Zanzibar, our professional team offers each Moroccan bath type with great care for you to admire your body within every detail. Keep your body in good health at the best Moroccan bath in Dubai with us.

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