FACIAL in Dubai

Facial services are all about making your skin supple, toned, and glowing. Whether you aim to have a massage, apply high-quality products on your face, or strive for anti-aging services, Zanzibar Beauty Salon in Dubai is the perfect match for you with the best facial in Dubai. Our team is professionally equipped with the experience to deliver the best possible results. We strive to achieve the goal of exfoliating your skin and removing impurities and dead skin within every treatment. Which, in turn, delivers a great-looking and refreshed skin appearance. With us, you’re the most attractive woman.

  • Signature Zanzibar Beauty Facials AED 500

    1h 15min • Female only
    Luxury facial for all skin types using exclusive Inaya Zanzibar facial products.

  • Anti-aging Thalgo Facials
    Spiruline Boost
    From AED 500

    1h • Female only
    *SPIRULINE BOOST - Anti-pollution, Smoothing and Detoxifying. *HAYLU PRO-COLLAGEN - Triple wrinkle effect, wrinkle to wrinkle treatment, instantly plumps up, dehydration and expression lines. *SILICIUM - Super Lifting, triggers collagen, maintain dermal volume, and improves the skins' biochemical properties. *EXCEPTION MARINE - Redensifying Treatment, lifting and age reversing. Targets loss of density, slack skin, wrinkles and radiance. *LUMIERE MARINE - Brightening, Dark spot reduction. Protects skin against environmental stress which worsens pigmentation disorder.

  • Anti-aging Thalgo Facials
    AED 600

    1h • Female only

  • Anti-aging Thalgo Facials - Lumiere Marine AED 700

    1h • Female only

  • Anti-aging Thalgo Facials - Silicium AED 700

    1h 15min • Female only

  • Anti-aging Thalgo Facials
    Exception Marine
    AED 800

    1h 30min • Female only

  • Classic Thalgo Facial
    Cold Cream Marine
    AED 450

    1h • Female only
    *SOURCE MARINE - Hydrates, Repair and Regain skin Radiance *PURETTE MARINE - Purify and Normalize skin. Regulates excessive sebum production and reduces the appearance of pores. *COLD CREAM MARINE - Strengthens, nourishes & soothes dry & sensitive skin. For sensitive skin experiencing discomfort, tightness & even redness.

  • Classic Thalgo Facial - Purette Marine AED 450

    1h • Female only

  • Classic Thalgo Facial - Source Marine AED 450

    1h • Female only

  • Advanced Hydrafacial AED 600

    1h 15min • Female only
    Full steps Hydrafacial: 1. Cleansing and Exfoliation With Hydradermabrasion 2. Gentle Chemical Peel 3. Extractions 4. Ultra-cavitation Treatment + Radiofrequency Treatment 5. Masque 6. Serum *ULTRASONIC or ULTRASOUND CAVITATION (Ultra-C) is a non-surgical slimming procedure and an ALTERNATIVE TO LIPOSUCTION. This treatment BREAKS DOWN FAT CELLS below the skin and break down into a liquid form. The body can then get rid of it as waste through your urine. *RADIOFREQUENCY (RF) is a treatment for skin tightening and lifting. This therapy uses low energy radiation to heat the deep layer of your skin called dermis. This heat stimulates the PRODUCTION OF COLLAGEN and ELASTINE SYNTHESIS to help IMPROVE THE SIGNS OF WRINKLES and SAGGING SKIN.

  • Deep Cleanse Hydrafacial AED 350

    1h • Female only
    Deep Cleaning Hydrafacial with partial steps. 1. Cleansing and Exfoliation with Hydradermabrasion 2. Gentle Chemical Peel 3. Extractions 4. Regular Masque

  • GlamGlow Facial AED 125

    45min • Female only
    CLEARS, CLARIFIES & REFINES PORES. Visibly, instantly clears the complexion. Targets clogged pores, excess oil, and dead skin cells. Toxins & dirts are removed from deep within pores.

Best Products & Best Facial In Dubai

We use only the highest quality products within every treatment. It’s great to have a skincare routine, but you still need our best facial in Dubai treatments to complete your facial beauty enhancement. Our facial services include a magical touch of Thalgo, Glamglow, Inaya, and many other advanced products that can boost your self-esteem instantly. 

  • Thalgo

Our picked products from the Thalgo brand are highly recommended for their excellent performance going into the skin. They help with smoothing pronounced wrinkles, hydrating every pore, and restoring the complexion’s luminosity. At the same time, this best facial treatment in Dubai presents refreshed and healthy-looking skin that completes your beauty flawlessly.

  • GlamGlow

Our Glamglow products are also wisely picked with professionalism to provide you with satisfaction throughout your facial care journey. The process starts with hydrating your hair to fixing it into a remarkable condition you would admire its results. With our GlamGlow treatments, you’re sparkling with charm every day.

  • Inaya Zanzibar

With pride, we offer our Inaya Zanzibar products to help you feel what magic is all about. Proudly made with natural products and backed by an all-female company, Inaya Zanzibar is a sustainable and empowered brand that focuses on providing you with skin-friendly products. With utmost care to the details we want to enhance with your facial treatment, we offer a massage to relax your muscles and help your skin stay healthy and comfortable. In turn, this best facial treatment in Dubai will lead you to look beautiful every day and all the time.

We Care

At Zanzibar Beauty Salon, our professional team believes beauty is everyone’s option. We care for what you admire to feel and offer every unique or remarkable treatment you need to look and feel perfectly on point. Your best facial in Dubai is flawlessly gained and benefited with our team.

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